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Things haven’t been going well for James Comey.

Lately, we heard that Comey’s memos from his discussions with Trump were published and they essentially vindicated Trump. They revealed that Trump informed Comey if among his associates did something in regards he wished to know. That is the reverse of obstruction.

In addition to that, Comey only got some terrible news.

It’s quite possible that he broke the law when he gave you one of his memos to his buddy to escape into the media.

A source familiar with the research confirmed to Fox News that the inspector general is considering if classified information was provided to unauthorized sources as part of a wider review of Comey’s communications away from the agency — such as media contact.

The improvements place the ex-FBI boss at the crosshairs of an investigation because his former deputy, Andrew McCabe, faces a criminal prosecution on another leak.

The Wall Street Journal reported 2 of these Comey memos are to found to contain substance currently called categorized, prompting the inspector general evaluation.

That is a huge deal.

Here is more about what we discovered from the memos which were published by the DOJ.

“(Comey) was ready to work for somebody he deemed amply unsuited for workplace, capable of lying, necessitating of devotion, worthy of impeachment, also sharing the characteristics of a mob leader,” the congressmen said in a statement.

“Former Director Comey was ready to forget all the aforementioned features so as to maintain his job,” they continued. “In his eyes the actual offense was his own fire.”

The congressmen also contended that Comey failed to produce memos because of his discussions with former President Obama or members of his cabinet, they assert revealed Comey “has two distinct criteria in his interactions with other people.”

If we have learned anything from that entire mess it is that James Comey is a coward. He’s talked several times. The lawman in the nation did not know what to say did not know what to do. He’d no business.

“That is a guy with guts,” Dershowitz said on “Fox & Friends.”

He contended that Comey must have spoken up when Trump allegedly forced him to finish the FBI’s investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn, and whenever the president supposedly demanded Comey’s dedication.

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