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Ingredients that you need:

Besan or Gram Flour (2 tbsp), Wheat Flour or Atta (2 tbsp), Rice Flour (2 tbsp), Red Lentil or Masoor dal Powder (2 tbsp), Sandalwood Powder (1 tbsp), Licorice or Mulethi Powder (1 tbsp), Milk (for dry skin), Rose Water (for oily skin), Curd or Yogurt (for sensitive & combination skin).

Add all ingredients and your bath powder is ready. Mix them and store them in air tight container.

Take 1 tbsp of this powder.

If you have dry skin, make a paste of this cleanser with milk. If you have oily skin, use rose water to prepare paste. For sensitive skin you can use curd.

Apply this paste all over your body, when it is dry, spray some water and start to rub in circular motion and then wash it off.