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The body language can reveal a lot about a person. It can also influence how you communicate with others, how you relate to the people around you and how you deal with life. One of the body language signs is the way you close your fists. This is a very natural action which was not learned in the past, you simply do it without thinking about it too much. The way you place your fingers when you close your fists can show a lot of your personality traits and you character.

Body language: Close your hand

1. Fingers over thumb

In the event that the majority of your fingers are over the thumb you are an innovative and clever individual. You can rouse numerous individuals with your affectability, ability and expressiveness.

You are a quiet and kind individual; you would dependably stay noiseless keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from harming somebody with your words. You are exceptionally amiable individual; in any case, you have a couple of companions that you are extremely near.

You detest dramatization in your relationship, and you need to keep things casual and calm as much as you can. In the event that you are not happy in the relationship you will leave without much clarification just to abstain from harming your accomplice.

2. Thumb over the fingers

Individuals think of you as a well disposed individual due to your charm. You are an insightful, kind and liberal individual and your confidence makes you exceptionally alluring. You treat individuals as indicated by the circumstance and you are exceptionally adaptable.

Dread can once in a while deaden you and make you unfit to do anything. You are especially anxious of getting harmed in light of the fact that. Despite the fact that you have exclusive standards, you once in a while go for broke on anything. You are most joyful when your friends and family indicate how they feel about you and when they influence you to feel increased in value.

It is hard for you to relinquish the past particularly the agonizing encounters which keep you from opening your heart to another person. This influences you to look uninterested and removed, yet it is just a veil that you use to shield yourself from being harmed once more.

3. Thumb over a finger

Your fundamental qualities are creative ability and instinct. Individuals value your liberality, eagerness, and interest. You likewise have an extraordinary comical inclination that everybody appreciates which is the reason you are constantly encompassed with individuals.

You are extremely fair and dependably say what you extremely mean. You are sure, kind and honorable, and individuals regularly attempt to exploit you on account of these attributes. In any case, you infrequently enable them to do as such in light of the fact that you give careful consideration to what is happening around you and you know when somebody is around you just out of intrigue.

You experience difficulty demonstrating your emotions in a relationship and you seem saved and far off despite the fact that affection is an essential piece of your life.