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The carambola fruit, or often called “star fruit”, due to its shape, originates from the Malayan peninsula and is also grown in the southern United States, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America.

This fruit is yellow in color when ripe, and its taste is a mixture of sweet and sour and resembles the flavors of grapes, pear,and citrus fruits. This combination makes it unique and popular among people.

Notwithstanding, in spite of its particular taste, the carambola natural product additionally gives astounding medical advantages. It is low in calories, just 31 of every 100g, and is high in cancer prevention agents, vitamins C and B, riboflavin, folate, niacin and minerals, for example, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, and potassium.

These are a portion of the unimaginable medical advantages of this natural product:

Controls hypertension

Sodium is the most grounded weapon against circulatory strain, and the star organic product is low in it yet is contains high measures of potassium which manages pulse. The customary utilization of this organic product will treat hypertension.

Brings down cholesterol

Because of the high fiber content, the carambola organic product advances heart wellbeing and decreases the levels of terrible cholesterol. Terrible cholesterol prompts obstructed corridors and in this way causes heart assaults. Then again, the utilization of the star organic product will build the HDL levels or great cholesterol.

Fortifies the safe framework

This organic product is rich in vitamin C which fortifies resistance and forestalls different viral maladies, similar to normal colds, flu, and so forth.

Enhances rest and treats a sleeping disorder

Magnesium is to a great degree accommodating on account of a sleeping disorder and irritated night rest, and the carambola natural product is high n this mineral. Henceforth, its utilization will enable you to enhance rest and get the best possible rest.

Helps absorption

Th fiber in the star natural product enhances absorption, as it clears the digestive organs and limits high measures of water, battling obstruction. Its utilization after substantial suppers will enhance processing and anticipate stomach related problems.

It is helpful for the skin

This organic product elevates skin wellbeing because of the high flavonoid content. It likewise avoids ailments like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, and the zinc in it treats skin break out.

Appropriate embryo advancement

The carambola natural product is rich in folic corrosive, or vitamin B9, which is to a great degree helpful on account of pregnancy. The folic corrosive is indispensable amid the principal long stretches of incubation, and it is fundamental for the sound improvement of the neural tube and the mind of the child.

Its normal utilization after the conveyance helps the development of bosom drain.

Controls diabetes

This natural product is astonishing for diabetics as it is low in sugar. Additionally, the fiber in it will adjust the glucose levels amid the day, as it will keep quick glucose ingestion from the gut.

It has antimicrobial activity

Studies have demonstrated that this organic product successfully battles diseases caused by E.coli, similar to Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella.

Enhances eye wellbeing

Since it is rich in vitamin A, this natural product enhances the strength of the eyes.


In spite of its various medical advantages, this organic product ought not be devoured on account of kidney infections, kidney dialysis, or kidney disappointment, as it is high in oxalic corrosive and carambola. On the off chance that takes in these cases, it might cause disarray, queasiness, and spewing.

Additionally, you ought to expend it precisely on the off chance that you take prescriptions like sedatives, statins, or benzodiazepines, as it contains substances which may meddle with these medications, correspondingly to grapefruit.