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After having a dinner, a number of people have a tendency to lay down and watch a movie or just chill without knowing that this is a terrible habit which can be extremely harmful to their overall health.
So, today we have a list of 5 things that you should never do after having a dinner or lunch:

  • Smoke

Numerous individuals know that smoking is greatly unsafe to their wellbeing but then regardless they proceed with this repulsive propensity, and they even do it directly subsequent to having a feast. It is vital to hold up a couple of hours in the wake of having a feast and after that smoke a cigarette since cigarettes contain nicotine which can tie to the abundance oxygen fundamental for processing, in this way enabling the body to ingest more cancer-causing agents than expected. As indicated by a few investigations, smoking directly after a feast is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes immediately. Also, this can expand your danger of lung and gut malignancy.

Eat Fruit

The best time for expending natural product is before a dinner, on a void stomach because of the way that organic products require diverse proteins so as to process. Additionally, the sugars contained in organic product require additional time so they can be totally ingested. Bear in mind to say that you will acquire the best advantages from every one of the supplements, fiber and different sugars when your stomach is unfilled. Eating natural product after a supper, then again, can cause acid reflux, heartburn, and burping.


In the event that you go to bed directly in the wake of having a supper, it will probably encounter uneasiness, swelling and other resting designs since this can make your stomach consume amid the night. The University of Ioannina Medical School directed an examination which demonstrated that individuals who held up a more extended timeframe to go to bed in the wake of having a feast, had less danger of encountering a stroke. Along these lines, try not to eat no less than a couple of hours before resting.


Showering directly in the wake of having a feast can build the blood stream in the legs and hands, along these lines diminishing the blood stream in the stomach. This will debilitate your stomach related framework and prompt stomach torment.

Drink Tea

You ought to never drink tea directly subsequent to eating since it can meddle with the iron retention. The tea contains a tannic corrosive which can tie with iron and protein in our sustenance. It is deductively demonstrated that by and large this outcomes in 87% decline in retention of iron. What’s more, press lack can cause iron deficiency, subsequently causing fair skin, poor craving, chest torment, chilly feet and hands, discombobulation, shortcoming, and extraordinary exhaustion.

In this way, you can reason that there are sure things that you ought to keep away from directly in the wake of having a dinner. Make a point to give careful consideration of the time and abandon some space in the middle of eating natural product, drinking tea, or resting!