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Everyone loves leftovers– they are easy to reheat and can be consumed quickly. However, reheating meals is not so harmless – according to experts, there are some foods which should never be reheated if you want to protect your health.

There are foods that can be reheated multiple times, but also foods that should never be warmed up again. Consuming some reheated leftovers can serious harm your health, so make sure to avoid the 4 following leftovers:


Putting away vegetables despicably or warming them isn’t just unsafe – it can even be lethal! As indicated by the Center for Food Safety, extra vegetables ought to dependably be put away at – 4 C. In the event that you anticipate putting away them for more, solidify them. Spinach, beets, lettuce and celery contain elevated amounts of nitrates which can amass if the vegetables are presented to room temperature and cause various issues. As per considers, nitrate can cause methemoglobinemia in youngsters, an uncommon blood issue which causes indications, for example, seizures, shortness of breath and weakness.


Warming suppers made with vegetable oils is profoundly perilous and has been connected with an expanded danger of coronary illness, stroke and disease. As indicated by late investigations, warming polyunsaturated oils that contain linoleic corrosive (sunflower oil, canola and corn oil) discharges 4-hydroxy-trans-2-nonenal (HNE), a poison got from unsaturated fats which can hurt your wellbeing. This harmful compound has been connected to coronary illness, liver issues, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and a few sorts of malignancy. Vegetable oils are intended to be utilized just a single time, and ought to never be warmed to the point of discharging smoke.


Chicken meat contains a great deal of protein, so when it’s warmed for a moment time, its creation changes to a more perilous one. Warming cool chicken meat is permitted just if within the meat is exceptionally hot. This is especially critical in case you’re utilizing a microwave, which at times doesn’t warm suppers uniformly. Likewise, you should realize that chicken meat can be expended for up to 2 days, and not a moment more.


Rice ought to be put away legitimately in the event that you need to remain sound. The Food Standard Agency says that uncooked rice contains spores of destructive microscopic organisms which can survive the principal cooking process. In the event that the rice is then put away at room temperature, these spores will increase and cause various stomach related issues. The spores can even survive the warming, which is the reason specialists suggest eating all the rice you’ve cooked without a moment’s delay. In the event that there are remains, solidify them as opposed to keeping the rice in your cooler until tomorrow.