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The famous doctor of children’s books become even more famous when was diagnosed with colon cancer back in 2012. She went to surgery when the disease was in third stage.

She has another case of cancer in her family; her husband died in 2005 of lung cancer despite chemotherapy.

Knowing how he had suffered, she didn’t want to do the same route and refused chemotherapy. She wrote her story on a blog where people have shared their stories and tips how they beat cancer with natural remedies.

In June 2012 she was subjected to surgery for colon cancer, and after that she refused the chemotherapy. Although she felt better, the medical control she made after six months showed that the cancer had spread to the lungs, and the colon cancer, entered the fourth stage.

She invested her energy in hunting down cure and looks into; she recollected a story for a young fellow of 26 with skin disease, who figure out how to beat with just 5 pounds of carrots juice expended day by day.

She conclude that she could attempt his formula and started to drink carrot juice regular taking uniformly measurements for the duration of the day.

As indicated by her, the disease had quit spreading and the tumors started to shrivel and also the swelling in the lymph organs following two months of expending.

After four months the organs were back to ordinary and the tumor has kept on withdrawing.

Processed tomography examine demonstrated that the tumor had vanished following eight months of expending

The mystery is in the carrot juice and its wealth with greasy liquor and regular pesticide anticancer properties, and carotene from the carrots demonstrations preventive of tumor cells.

She even composed a book for curing malignancy with carrots, and you can buy on Amazon.