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The thing about coconut oil is it has very unique content, healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids. These fats include lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid; all of them have been associated with a wide plethora of health benefits.

These healthy fats are far superior to long-chain fatty acids, as they are easier to digest and they have potent anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, aren’t stored as fat but converted as energy instead, and promote easier cell permeability for energy.

Most people are familiar with coconut oil`s most famous health benefits, such as its ability to prevent heart disease and hypertension, treat Alzheimer`s disease, cure kidney infection and protect the liver, reduce inflammation, treat cancer, boost immunity, memory function and energy, improve digestion and skin conditions, promote weight loss, and many more.

But, did you know that coconut oil has a wide range of beauty uses, too?

Namely, it works as makeup remove, lice remedy, and breath freshener, lip balm, under eye cream, body scrub, stretch-mark cream, shaving cream, massage oil, body oil, dandruff treatment, deodorant, night cream, and itch relief.

However, not all coconut oil is created the same way, which means that you need the right kind in order to reap the benefits above. There are two major types of coconut oil: virgin and refined. Read on for more in-depth information regarding the things you need to know about coconut oil:


Virgin coconut oil is produced using crisp coconuts, it`s foul, guaranteed natural and non-GMO, it has coconut oil and flavor, and it can be warmed up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Amid the readiness procedure, it`s scooped out of the shell and icy squeezed a while later, which abandons only the oil.


Refined coconut oil is produced using dried coconut drain, it`s refined, ensured natural and non-GMO, it has unbiased oil and flavor, and it can be warmed up to 400 degrees. Amid the readiness procedure, it`s being steam refined with a specific end goal to accomplish the nonpartisan flavor.

So how would you figure out which coconut oil is better for you??

Given that both have the same healthful esteem; you can utilize both, contingent upon the flavor you incline toward. Both have 63 percent medium chain fats, including 50 percent lauric corrosive.

How would you know you are settling on the correct decision when you are looking for coconut oil?

When acquiring coconut oil, it is essential to focus on a couple of qualities.

Above all else, ensure the item is guaranteed natural and checked non-GMO.

Moreover, affirm that the virgin coconut oil is chilly squeezed, never faded or freshened up, and made without hexane. Concerning refined coconut oil, affirm that it hasn’t been refined utilizing chemicals and ensure it`s steam-refined, with no chemicals included.