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Most patients are on the waiting lists and they are waiting for years to get kidney transplant and live normally. Up until now, it seemed that there is no other solution for this disease.

Recently, scientists from the University of California at San Francisco, USA, managed to develop the world’s first bionic kidney that can replace damaged kidneys. Studies showed that the surgical procedure is easy and this solution is efficient.

Bionic kidney is ideal or better said perfect replica of human kidney. It is consisted of numerous microchips and is moved by the heart. On the same way as normal kidneys, the bionic kidney has the ability to filter waste and toxins from the bloodstream.

Vanderbilt Fissels and Shuvo Roy from the University of California disclosed this unprecedented venture and that gave recharged seek after a large number of patients who are on kidney dialysis.

Likely a large number of you would ask: “In any case, consider the possibility that the living being rejects it?” Scientists guarantee us that odds of dismissal are equivalent to zero. All things considered, that is unbelievable, isn’t that so?

To be specific, they clarify that bionic kidney is produced using renal cells. The primary model had size of an espresso mug and it can adjust the levels of sodium and potassium in the living being and in same time directs the pulse.

This venture and the creation of bionic kidney is extraordinary news for all dialysis patients.

In the start of this venture in November 2015, researchers from the University of California got $6 million from the Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering and we can infer that the cash were well spent.

Researchers who worked at this venture have high trusts and desires in the bionic kidney. Dr. Victor Gura, the lead scientist clarifies that this gadget will be accessible available to be purchased in just 2 years.